The decline of biodiversity and climate change are major global threats.
Qarlbo Biodiversity has a mission to renew our planet's lifeline - biodiversity.
We invest in and actively manage regeneration of biodiversity in forest landscapes, for current and future generations.

About us

Qarlbo Biodiversity is a wholly owned subsidiary of Qarlbo AB and operates within two segments.
Our goal is to sequester carbon, conserve and restore biodiversity by implementing the latest science to future-proof sustainable forestry while providing market returns to our owners.


  • Nature-positive afforestation and forestry investments
  • Biodiversity monitoring, reporting and credit project development
Invest model Qarlbo NAC

Our investment model

1. Acquire degraded land and forests
Acquire degraded land suitable for tree planting, as well as traditionally managed production forests with depleted biodiversity.

2. Restore, protect and improve
Protect natural forests and restore native vegetation. Improve biodiversity in existing forests by applying nature-positive forest management.

3. Create real, measurable and verified climate and biodiversity impact
Apply adequate methodologies for optimal climate and biodiversity impact. Measure, follow up and verify net-impact through independent third parties, with the goal to show net-gain of biodiversity over time.



Aleksandra Holmlund speaking at Bloomberg COP-28 event

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In order to achieve our biodiversity ambitions, we work closely with selected local partners
Forest Conservation Fund
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Environmental Policy Innovation Center
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Our Biodiversity Work

Qarlbo Biodiversity is one of the leading global forces working towards enabling private investments into nature conservation and restoration.
  • We are proud co-founders of the Biodiversity Credit Alliance (BCA)
  • We are financing and supporting a litentiate research project on innovative financing mechanisms for forest biodiversity with the Swedish Univeristy of Agricultural Sciences.
  • Together with selected partners we are piloting biodiversity credit projects world-wide, with the aim of achieving real, measurable and verified net-gain of biodiversity over time in project areas.
Biodiversity Credit Alliance

Board and Advisors

Luciana Aquino Hagedorn
Aleksandra Holmlund
Erika Ståhl
Board Member
Per-Arne Blomquist
Board Member
Bengt Hellström
Board Member
Conni Jonsson
Board Member
Göran Sandberg
Board Member


Qarlbo Biodiversity
Mäster Samuelsgatan 45
111 57 Stockholm,
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